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An increasing number of people are choosing to work from home to improve their health and work-life balance, reduce stress and improve their income. Oak framed garden offices offer the flexibility to create a relaxing working environment, and to separate your home working environment from your living space.

environment from your living space

Work stress free from home in a luxury oak framed office in your own garden. Enjoy your work in a relaxing environment, whether you are employed or self-employed. Repair or readjust your work-life balance. Remove the stress and cost of your regular train or bus commute. Say ‘no more’ to late trains or buses and loss of earnings. Improve your wellbeing and outlook.

employed or self-employed
wellbeing and outlook

Working from home has been rising steadily, however, Covid 19 has forced many companies to look at their staffing arrangements and costs. Research suggests that staff working from home can have a positive impact on company productivity and gives businesses the opportunity to offer staff flexible working hours.

Overheads can be cut significantly whilst staff moral is boosted.

We work with individuals looking to construct their own offices, and business looking to restructure their staffing arrangements.

rising steadily
business looking to restructure

Free up time to see more of your family and friends. Work in peace and comfort instead of in a busy corporate office. Free up room in your house – take your home office into the garden. Create art in your own garden studio. Meet and treat your clients in your own therapeutic studio for Wellbeing Practitioners, Therapists or Physiotherapists. Add value to your property while you earn.

Therapists or Physiotherapists
corporate office

Various sizes ..........

We manufacture offices in a variety of sizes, from a modest 3.50m x 3m building suitable for one or two people, to larger buildings which accommodate multiple work areas, kitchen, toilet /wc and studio or therapy area.

Various sizes

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