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Oak Framed Garden Room – SHL008 – GC002



ENTRANCE: 1.950m
WIDTH: 2.40m
HEIGHT: 3.97m
DEPTH: 3.60m
ROOF PITCH: 40.00°

Oak Framed Garden Rooms & Oak Garden Offices.

Traditionally jointed oak framed garden buildings which will last a lifetime.

Oak Summerhouses – create a special place to hide away and relax, enjoy your hobby or simply watch the world go by. Take in the views and get closer to wildlife.

Oak Garden Offices – work stress free from home in a luxury oak framed garden office. Improve your health, work-life balance and productivity. Increase your income by removing the cost (and stress) of commuting by train, bus or car.

Oak Garden Studios – Workshops for pottery, woodcarving, needlework or crafts. Get fit in your home gym. Practice Art, Meditation or Yoga in your own home studio. Playrooms for children and teenagers.

Established in 1990, we are the UK’s market leader in traditionally jointed oak and timber framed buildings. We take great pride in producing the finest additions to your home and property.

We are a family run company with deep rooted experience in oak framing and ‘all things timber’. Our products are unique in design, appearance and adaptability. We are rarely, if ever, beaten on price for a like for like’ specification.

The finished height of a building is subject to the roofing materials and brickwork. We can offer site operations locally and have a network of skilled contractors we can recommend for projects further afield.



Oak is naturally durable and can last for centuries without requiring treatment. It’s also the one of the most sustainable and beautiful construction timbers.

Oak framed buildings which were constructed hundreds of years ago are still in perfect condition today. Stately homes, churches, town halls and many houses in Herefordshire’s ‘Black & White’ villages are just a few examples.

Oak framed buildings are excellent value for money, are less expensive than brick buildings and have been proven to add value and appeal to properties.

Yes. A Radnor Oak building is a permanent addition to your property. The type of foundation varies subject to the type of building, however, typically, a strip foundation or raft foundation are suitable. We include details of your preferred foundations on our working drawings. 

Radnor Oak can deliver frames nationwide.

Request a quote online and we will include the cost of delivery in the quotation.

No. Oak is naturally durable and has ‘stood the test of time’ untreated for centuries. The ancillary softwood components we supply are Vac Vac treated. There is no need for you to add any additional weatherproofing to the structural components.

Your oak framed building will ‘weather’ externally over time. You can oil or stain your oak frame and weatherboarding for aesthetic reasons, however we like to leave everything natural.

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