Radnor Oak

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Straight Staddle Stone

In Middle English staddle or stadle is stathel, from Old English stathol, a foundation, support or trunk of a tree. Traditionally used to support oak framed buildings, cart sheds, granaries, tythe barns, game larders, and timber buildings to keep them above water or damp ground conditions, the name has become integrated into the landscape with bridges, houses, farms and other structures incorporating the name ‘staddle’.

Our Staddle Stones are cut from solid stone to ensure that they complement our traditional oak framed buildings (i.e. they aren’t pre-cast concrete). Each stone is 225mm high to match our standard dwarf wall arrangement (i.e. 3 courses of bricks are 225mm high).


Dimensions: 175mm x 175mm x 225mm

Uses: On Radnor Oak Buildings which require a straight stone i.e. between two pairs of garage doors.